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The Association of Speech-Language Therapists and Pathologists of Serbia (ULS) stands as the preeminent and pioneering professional organization of speech-language pathologists in Serbia.

Established on February 28, 2004, in Belgrade, the Association operates as a non-governmental, non-profit entity, officially recognized and registered as a professional association by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, as well as the Agency for Business Registers (BU 13829/2010).

The regulatory framework governing the activities of the Association, is sanctioned by the Institute for Intellectual Property.

Its inception arose from the collective impetus of practicing speech therapists, who discerned the imperative for an association that would effectively address the profession’s needs, resolve prevailing professional challenges, and enhance the stature of speech therapy as a discipline.

The Association of Speech-Language Therapists and Pathologists of Serbia has articulated its mission within programmatic and strategic documents, underscoring the imperative to establish speech-language therapy as a vocation of competence, professionalism, and self-sufficiency, serving the needs of our society. To this end, pivotal initiatives have been undertaken, including the formulation of the Law on Speech Therapy profession and the establishment of the Serbian Speech Therapy Chamber.

The association has also adopted a comprehensive code of ethics and professional conduct for speech therapists and instituted a licensing framework for practitioners.


  1. Advocating for the enactment of legislation governing the practice of speech therapy, thereby providing formal and legal regulation for the profession.
  2. Engaging in the reevaluation of occupational nomenclature to reflect the evolving nature of the field.
  3. Pioneering the establishment of standardized speech therapy equipment, thereby enhancing the quality of speech therapy services.
  4. Enforcing a Code of Ethics and professional conduct applicable to all professionals involved in speech therapy diagnostics and treatment, contributing to the profession’s integrity.
  5. Developing guidelines and regulations governing ongoing professional development for healthcare associates specializing in speech therapy.
  6. Overseeing the issuance of licenses, registration, and the definition of criteria for acquiring subsequent licenses.
  7. Cultivating collaboration with international associations of speech therapists and pursuing membership in the European Association of Speech Therapists.

For further details, please consult the pertinent documents available in the “Documents” section.



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